The world stands awed and it should~

The calm! The calm with which the child sits! I haven’t seen calm of this sort before. I have seen nothing of this sort before. Have you ever seen even a grownup assume such calm in the midst of a storm? What silence has enveloped this child? What stillness holds him?! This is something remarkable, something big. Though I can’t fully grasp or convey what it is about it that is so awe-filling, so gripping, it’s somewhere above awesome and awful, somewhere between them. This calm in the backdrop of frenzied chaos. The contrast is overpowering.
The world stands awed and it should. This child is a sign. His silence, the poise, Allahu akbar! He’s meant to break hearts, to shatter them to pieces. Let grief sweep over you. Let love clog your throat. Let yourself feel the jolt of agony. Be merciless to yourself, for a while. Embrace the strength of the experience! But then emerge from your own emotional ruin. Look for answers, form them. Don’t tell me the child doesn’t fill you with questions, with disquietude. What mindless lives we are living! The only things worth doing are to serve Allah and to help His creatures! How badly are we failing this!
This picture should bring about a crisis. Don’t hurry past it. Let it serve its purpose. Own the pain but negotiate it with wisdom. There’s a lesson. Don’t let it miss you.
It has brought face to face with many things: Lives are temporary, humans are fragile, the dunya is treacherous (calamities are an inevitable part of it, corruption and chaos (fasaad) and bloodshed and violence), people have made a mess of things. A terrible, terrible mess. We should wake to our total, absolute and entire dependence on Allah. We can’t make it without Him. We can’t take this on alone. Let’s be more aware of all this, more tuned to the reality of our situation, our fragility and strength. Let’s do what is required of us, let’s practice compassion and touch as many lives as we can. Saving one Syrian child will be like saving the entire human race. Let’s support a refugee, reach the war torn with our donations. Let’s be kinder to the people around us and make sure we are not agents of violence. Let’s reconnect with the Quran and the way of the Prophet SAW. Let’s find our way back to them.
The child is a sign. He’s meant to make sure that we will pray a little more desperately, a little longer, a little harder. Some more tears are meant to be shed. Some of the numbness should leave us. His valiant dignity is spellbinding.
What a brave little thing, you are Omron. The world has badly failed you but Allah won’t let you down, I promise.
Amina Obaid Khawaja
20th August 2016


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